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How to Deal with Agricultural Workers Shortage

The shortage of agricultural employees has been a significant problem in the USA. According to research that has been done, it showed that more than 50% of the workers who were intervened claimed that they had an issue with workers shortage. As the days go, the problem is becoming even worse. For this reason, many of the farmers in the USA depend on imported labor.

In the past, the process of importing labor used to be a simple task. However, due to the closing of the borders, it is not as simple as before. Many of the farmers who cannot be able to handle the workforce are delegating their work to the contractors. These contractors have the knowledge and skills to get the workforce easily.

Another way that has been used to deal with the issue of the worker’s shortage in the agricultural sectors is through mechanization. More affordable and effective machinery has been developed in favor of the farmer. The state has also rolled out the H-2A program to help farmers imported the workforce temporarily. The program is fully monitored by the state to ensure that people who are coming to work are doing it legally.

If you are anticipating a shortage of agricultural workers, you should consider the H-2A program. The program allows you to essential labors for a specific period. It is vital to note that in agriculture, there is a boom and a season when labor is not required. That is why you only need to import labor on a temporary basis.

Before you enroll in the program, there are a couple of things that will be considered. First, there must be sufficient evidence to show that there are not enough workers in the country to supply you with labor on a temporary basis. In case you prove that there is a shortage, the department will allow you to import nonimmigrant workers. Another vital consideration before you are granted permission by the department is the effect of the imported workers on the resident workers. In the USA, the protection of the employees is paramount. This means that the state is going to control and enforce the imported worker’s contract.

If you are interested in the H-2A program, you will first have to visit the state workforce agency where you are going to fill a job order. The next step is to apply for the program. After the approval of the program, you will go forward to hire the employees. The final determination of the program will then be approved. The workers will then be granted a temporary nonimmigrant visa.

During the application process, there are a couple of documents that you will have to submit. You will have to provide the temporary employment certification to the department. You will have to give the clearance order on agricultural and food processing. Also, you must have H-2A contracts. The entire process of the H-2A program takes between 30-40 days. On the submission of the application form, it will be reviewed with seven days. The final determination is done within a month.

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