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How to Make a Sensory Bottle

Does your kid suffer from ADHD, sensory processing issues, or a tendency of getting overexcited? Some children might have issues calming down despite you trying calming strategies. In case your kid is besieged by sensory input, they need a sensory bottle. This bottle is a tool that can aid children in self-regulation. It is also known as a sensory tube. The good thing concerning a sensory bottle is, it is a peaceful item that children can concentrate on. They can even wobble it to acquire some proprioceptive input. There are also various kinds of sensory bottles to magnetize their attention. Your supplies are going to differ based on the kind of bottle you opt to make. However, there are things you will need to have no matter the type of bottle you’re making including a clean empty plastic bottle that doesn’t have a label, superglue, warm water, glitter, food coloring, corn syrup, and a funnel.

How to create a themed sensory bottle with sparkle? This glittery sensory bottle isn’t hard to make. It offers some visual tranquility for children when they shake or spin it around in their hands. In addition, it can be modified to a kid’s interests, making it more attractive. For example, in case your child likes the ocean, you can utilize blue food coloring, confetti shaped like fish, and blue glitter. First, press syrup into an unfilled water bottle. Ensure you use adequate to fill a third of this bottle with syrup. Add warm water until it is roughly three-quarters full. Then, add a little amount of food coloring and drop in some sparkles. Place the cover on the water bottle then shake to blend the ingredients. Once you are pleased with the way it appears, add water to the top of the bottle. Place the cap back on and fasten with hot glue or superglue.

Tips you should use when making a wave sensory bottle. Put water in an empty water bottle until it is a third full. Add a small amount of food coloring. After the food coloring gets spread all through the water, put cooking oil or baby oil into the bottle until it’s full. Secure the cap with superglue. Your kid can place the bottle on their side to observe the waves or quiver it to notice the water and oil separate.

How to create a ”peekaboo’ sensory bottle? This sensory bottle can offer tactile and sensory input. Also, it could assist your kid stay focused better. This bottle can be made using rice that has been colored with food coloring or colored play sand. Place a funnel in the opening of an unfilled water bottle and put sand or rice until it’s half full. Add tiny toys such as mini erasers, LEGO blocks, or alphabet beads. After this, fill the other half of the bottle with rice or sand, leaving approximately an inch space at the top so as to give contents space to move around in order to get mixed up. Quiver and secure its lid with superglue. This bottle is good for children who are sensory seekers.

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