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The Benefits Of Using IT Solutions For City Government Services

Smart government services in Dubai is in full swing. This new initiative of the emirate has been launched after a period of consultation and research. It is a test of how far government can go in integrating its services to better serve citizens. In doing so, it tries to be ahead of other governments that have been using technology for many years to develop their services. And one such service is its involvement in the Dubai World Trade Center (WTC), a mega construction project which is set to transform the city into one of the world’s top economic centers.

Dubai made inroads to the corporate world starting with its development of business facilities in the past decade. Now, it has woken up to the potential of availing technological advances to enhance its government services. Smart Dubai has put in place an initiative named The Digital Future, designed as a part of its 100-year plan for the city’s growth and development. It is one of the latest initiatives launched by the Dubai government to improve its services and develop a culture of innovation and openness. At the same time, the city is striving to become a leader in online technology and information systems.

The aim is to use technology to create a digital platform that can handle all the city’s services and information system from a single point of service, leading to savings and efficiency in operations. The system will also allow users to manage their services and information from anywhere they are in the world. This will help them reduce costs and expenses related to travel, ensuring faster returns on investment. The benefits of using an IT-based cloud-based platform for government services in Dubai include:

o Cost Reduction – A cloud-based system makes available to users with a wide range of computing resources at a much lower cost than on-site hosting. For instance, data centers need electricity, bandwidth and other utilities. On the contrary, a website hosted on the city’s own IT system does not require any of these. These resources can therefore be shared with other customers without any additional costs. In this way, savings can be realized almost immediately. In addition, it allows users to easily scale up and down the resources they need, taking advantage of the greater capacity when they need it.

o Better Customer Service – Using this new system, citizens can expect their government services in Dubai to be responsive and efficient. This is because everything is stored in a data centre, so there is no worry about servers going down or files lost in transit. In addition, the system allows for instant messaging among operators as well as real-time phone support. This will eliminate the need for an in-house call centre.

o Improved Security and Stability – The city’s government services in Dubai are highly stable and secure, thanks to the stable infrastructure provided by IT. There is also little downtime due to lack of traffic on the system. This has been kept under control through the use of security features such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. In addition, operating systems such as Linux are used to maintain the system. These features make it easier to administer the system and provide better support to the city’s citizens.

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